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March 19, 2019
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What do your lips tell you?

The heat and humidity in the Dog days of Summer….

I know.  It is hot. It is humid.  So why am I seeing such a plethora of dehydrated faces in my studio right now?  I did a Facebook Live on this very subject last week, click the link to follow me if you aren’t already!
The upper lip tells me how your small intestine is functioning. The Small intestines main physical function is to digest and absorb nutrients.  So when I hear I am drinking a ton of water and the skin is still showing signs of dehydration this is the first place I look.  The texture, the muscle tone and most importantly right now is the COLOR.  I am seeing so many white upper lips right now.  Healthy lips should be a pink color, a little darker than pink on black or brown skin tones.  Red tells you your intestines are inflamed. White is a frozen intestine.

Now, y’all know I am a southern girl and I grew up drinking Iced tea.  I get it.  It’s hot, you have been outside gardening, exercising, enjoying summer.  You are hot and instinctively you grab the glass, throw some ice cubes in and guzzle a glass of cold water.

Your body already knows how to adjust your body temperature.  And it is already working on that when suddenly………ICE COLD FLUID.  What I am seeing is the small intestine becomes frozen.  It is a protection for your body from the cold coming in as your body is attempting to adjust for the heat.  If your small intestine is frozen it cannot absorb the very nutrients you are putting in the body. So it pushes it on through the digestive system with out absorbing the hydrogen or oxygen from the water you are drinking.

If you MUST have ice in your drink try starting with room temparature water, then an ice cold drink but follow this with a cup of warm tea or coffee to unfreeze the intestine.  I know I know, it is a lot to think about.  Your face is ALWAYS telling you what is happening in your body.  So grab your mirror and take a look at your upper lip.  Check the color first.  2nd, look at the muscle tone.  This tells you if emotionally you are having trouble knowing what to elimante from your life(this affects your digestive tract and your bowels). Then check the size.  Can you see it fully? Or is it pushed down, like you are always biting that upper lip.  This affects your small decision making.  AND if you are repressing what you really want to say!  Why????? What in your life are you not expressing fully?  If you continue to repress your true emotions this ineveitably affects your digestion causing IBS, constipation, hemorrhoids, and other digestive issues.

It is all connected.  As below, so above.

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