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January 11, 2019
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February 1, 2019
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Unexpected Packages!

We have become so homeonenized. I look around my town, my social media, what little television I watch and I am just so sick of it! I am tired. Tired of swimming upstream. Tired of trying to convince women they are enough. Tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing I am enough.

Injections, peels, lasers all to disconnect us. Disconnect from ourselves. I don’t want to look like everyone else! When I am upset at my kids or my partner I want them to know it by looking at my face! When I am feeling incredible love for them I want them to see that too!

Being able to express our emotions to others is a very important part of our society. Our connection with each other. What if? What if everyone looked like each other? How freaking boring would that be?

I have never seen color or sexual preferences, religion, etc. My double chin (which I used to HATE until I found out what it meant) tells me I don’t judge people. I am very accepting and open minded. I always have been very inclusive, even more so since I started Chinese Face Reading.

I have talked with you about how this knowledge has gifted me with the insight to see peoples stories written on their face. It has allowed me to understand we are all equal. We are all here experiencing life in this body. Everybody is different, experiences and cultural belief systems and I love reading each story!

So how about if at the Skin Studio I only want to treat perfect, beautiful, young women between the ages of 25-32. Even skin tone, no blemishes, no scarring, no wrinkles. Ahh day in, day out just put a little serum, and Voila! OMG! BORING!

The greatest gifts I have received the 2 years have come in unexpected packages. Clients that have challenged me in their healing journey, foreigners I have met along my way, old friends from high school that have come back into my life.

What if I had turned my back on these people and experiences because they didn’t look like me? A white girl from an affluent suburban southern town, that does yoga, eats organic food, doesn’t believe in harming the skin with toxins.

I would have missed out on people who have taught me. Helped me grow in ways I never could have imagined. Stretched my skills as a skin specialist. Made me think outside of the box! Shown me great love. Taught me to own who I am, what I desire and share it with everyone I come in to contact with.

Let’s start embracing our differences. Seeing each other in a different way.

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