Facial Treatments

Natural, revolutionary, non-chemical facials. Customized for you.

Facial Consultation, $50

An in depth consultation to discuss your skincare concerns, product and treatment recommendations to help you achieve the skin you have always wanted.

Customized Facial, $140

A targeted skincare treatment for you skincare concerns. Including Cleanse, exfoliation, massage and customized mask finishing with the Celluma LED panel to enhance the results.

Dien Chen Zone Facial, $140

Ancient Vietnamese Facial Reflexology technique, helping balance your body and gently guiding you on a healing journey.

Age Reversal Facial, $225

Advanced treatment tailored to not only address aging skin but reverse the effects of aging skin. This aggressive treatment provides results immediately, yet continues working for 30 days.

Hyperpigmentation Facial, $225

This advanced targeted treatment to address sunspots, age spots, or can be customized for acne scarring! No downtime, no chemicals, no peeling, no bleaching.

TAMA Microcurrent $160, Series of 14 - $2080

Mimics the body’s own electrical current to retrain the facial muscles to do what they were meant to do. I call it yoga for the face. While you see results with one treatment this is best done in a series to begin. 10 Weekly visits, then 4 every 10 days.

Hydrafacial/Dermabuilder , Hydrafacial - $200 , Hydrafacial Dermabuilder - $250

Next generation of microdermabrasion! Cleans, exfoliates, extracts, & hydrates with Vortex-fusion of peptides, anti-oxidants & hyaluronic acid.

Red Carpet EGF Facial, $495

Referred to as the “Penis Facial” in the celebrity circles, this facial treatment has finally come to Nashville! Have Sun Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Lines, wrinkles or loss of elasticity? This treatment combines 5 state of the art technologies in one. No downtime, no bleaching, no sensitivity, no chemicals, no injections, no burning. First, using Nano technology to penetrate a custom blended combination of the most advanced corrective serums including epithelial growth factors to address your needs. Followed by microcurrent to lift and tone your facial muscles. Finished off with my “magic mask!” The Celluma LED light panel that promotes cell turnover, collagen production, calming the spirit, smoothes the texture of the skin and so much more. This treatment continues working for 30 days after your visit!

The Skin Studio

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