Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading

What is it?

This is a question I hear often.  Chinese Face Reading is an ancient tradition, passed down generation after generation.  The Chinese believe you can see everything written on your face.  Past. Present. Future.
Every facial feature offers you an insight into who you truly are and who you were created to be, energetically.  Every line on your face has a meaning emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
What I offer is a map of who you were created to be in this physical form.  A tool to see where you are blocking your life and any patterns you continue to keep repeating and steps to help you break through them, to live the life you were meant to live.


5 Element Energetic Reading, $99

Not ready to commit to a full face reading?  Start with a 5 Element Energetic Face Reading (30 minutes).

This reading will guide you on how you move energetically through the world, ways you may be blocking that energy and real steps to help you get past those blocks.

Face Reading, $199

75 minutes

3 Face Reading Package: $497

Looking for more?  As we work on your energy, breaking old patterns, and revealing more of who you truly are, I offer a package of 3 readings to help you in revealing all the layers.

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