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October 23, 2018
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Be the Star in your Life!

Are you afraid to be the star of your life story?

If you watched my Facebook Live today, I told you a snippet of what features have held me back in being a star in my story. In my life at home, in my business, in friendships, down to the role in my family.

After you live with this belief system, which I have lived for 48 years! Breaking out is scary! For me and for those around me. As I told you on the live video, living this way, being the wind beneath everybody else’s wings has robbed me. I have taken away some of my energy from my 60’s. I see it on my chin. So working now on giving to myself with ease, grace and self care to help give me more health and vitality in my 60’s.

Learning to work with my strengths to help me with my weaknesses has been quite a journey. When our society determines what is beautiful and this is how to get there. What you see is a society where everyone looks the same.

Who defines beauty? Why do we believe that definition? I tell my kids all the time that social media is not real! The pictures are photo shopped and staged. Yet we try to live up to that standard.

How can we be the star in our story if we are attempting to be a certain “standard” that everyone is expected to live up to. The answer is we can’t.

As we attempt this we take away from ourselves. When we aren’t being true to who we are, our true nature of how we were designed to be it robs us. It makes us feel small. Sometimes angry. Jealous. Unworthy. Where does the measuring stop?

I am drawing a line. No comparisons. I am not fighting the nature of who I truly am. Yes I still eat well, exercise, use good product, yada,yada, yada. Because I CHOOSE that! And I am the star! I get to choose what’s in my green room!

I have a dream! My dream is that every woman learns how to read her face and know herself. That she sees the beauty in herself and everyone she meets. That women encourage each other and stop competing with each other! We are not all going for the same role!

We each have a star on our door. We all have a chance to shine as bright as the sun! Let’s let go of this made up ideal of beauty and start a new ideal! That is my dream!

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